Our engagements:

We do our work – intuitive, scientific, analytical, creative and aesthetic – with three indisputable commitments:

  • Respect:
    ESPACE & RESONANCE designs your spaces for your well-being and success of your project, not to propose – the style of the moment only -materials! This is the guarantee of seeing the birth or rebirth of unique spaces tailored to your needs, your budget, your time.
  • The search for excellence:
    ESPACE & RESONANCE, it is an architecture and interior styling of haute couture! Unique tips each time, a network of high quality partners, suppliers and artisans, attention to detail regardless of the size of your project. A customized search of the most beautiful and original furniture, objects, and light fixtures. A true “signature” guarantee of quality and creativity.
  • The taste and refinement:
    Uniting materials to graze colors, harmonize shapes, accompany your movements … yes, but with taste, finesse, originality and discretion … ESPACE & RESONANCE produces unique and sustainable spaces.